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             Meticulous Hand Carved Wood

Feathers & Whales & Birds & Fish

by the "Downeast Wood Carver"

Joe McBrine, Jr.

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The extraordinary detail in Joe's work has earned him blue ribbons in both Maine and Canadian competitions. His ability to render details comes from first hand knowledge of Maine wildlife, much of it gained in his career as a Maine warden. No one can be taught the art of fine craftsmanship unless there exists a certain inborn talent. Skills are achieved through unending practice and knowledge gained from observation of wildlife species over many years.  Joe's sensitivity to beauty found in nature is demonstrated in his exquisitely crafted wood feather necklaces and his scultpures of various Maine birds, fish species, and whales.



In addition to his sculptures of whales, Joe creates wall mounts (see examples below) which are silhouettes carved from unpainted weathered wood which he may leave natural or decide to stain it and seal it.  The sizes are 26" in length on average. Each whale is unique. He does not trace a pattern and cut hundreds of small, medium, and large generic shapes! There is a folk-art appeal and oftentimes a touch of humor for the character and expression the addition of teeth and or eyes achieve which distinguishes his work.


     The various wood he selects can be boards that have weathered to a silvery gray and exhibit interesting texture. As Joe lives near the sea, beachcombing can provide him with rare pieces of  found driftwood that inspire different whales. Joe's work can't be mass produced; each piece is one-of-a-kind in shape and size...and personality!


     Each piece is signed by the artist and numbered on the back where there is also a hanging device.

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The carved wall mounts are most often made of weathered wood selected for its natural beauty. The teeth Joe adds to his pieces bring a folkart character to the overall impression. These two pieces were created from a discarded fish ladder that was under river currents for decades. When available, the whale wall mounts range from $85-$165. (Click the images ONCE to enlarge.)

This commission is an example of Joe McBrine's carved and painted  Atlantic Salmon. Click ONCE to enlarge.



Joe will consider some commissions for a variety of fish species as well as other wild life as time permits.  An example of his Atlantic Salmon is seen above. Please contact us if you wish to

discuss a project with Joe.

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The cords on the feather necklaces vary. Some are plain sliding knot types which allow the largest length adjustment.  Others come with delicate chain and a lobster claw clasp to adjust length.

Joe McBrine, Jr. with another prize!



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