Lubec Grange Activities

At the Lubec Grange

our season of events is coming to a close with our final

Saturday 10am-1pm 

Sunday 11am-2pm


The Lubec Grange is a great place to shop!

We are offering the lowest prices on a huge selection of women's clothing that has just come in. We have expanded into the upstairs Grange Ballroom space to accommodate everything from sweat pants ($2), pants/slacks ($3, 4 for $10), tops & blouses ($3, 4 for $10), mittens & gloves, shoes, socks, hats… to the finest pant suits ($10). Coats from $5.  Sheets, comforters, blankets, fabrics, sewing notions, etc. Fresh merchandise will be added weekly! Don't miss our usual array of household rummage, from everyday needs to antiques & treasures (you find them!)

75% of sales are returned to owners

of the merchandise.  

Contact Karen or Bob if you have items you wish to sell.  207-733-2468  





DIRECTIONS to the Lubec Grange:

The historic Lubec Grange is easy to find

across from McFadden's GULF gas station along Rte.189,

2 miles from downtown Lubec and 9 miles from the US Rt 1 at the Whiting intersection. Watch for red DOT signs.

If you have any questions, contact us:









located next door to the Grange will be open occasionally through September, and thereafter, by appointment.




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