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Felted Wool Wall Hangings


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Our bricks and mortar gallery is open late May-Labor Day. Come see more than 30 felted wool wall hangings. Some of them are framed and the very large ones are hung loosely as is customary.


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The artist is shown here with "Two Loons". See biographical information at the bottom of this page. Karen Anne Baldauski transcends the world of fine art and craft and commercial art by having participated in all three worlds to an intense degree as a lif
Fox Running Through Birches, 37" x 60", 2016,
Harvesting Periwinkles ("Wrinkling"), Lubec, Maine, 38" x 25", 2016

A note about the artist:

Karen Anne Baldauski


An artist & painter, Karen blended fine art with a professional career in graphic design that took her from Kansas City, MO to New York City to England,and finally to Maine. Born in Wyoming, PA, she grew up in Norwich, NY, and graduated from Glen Ridge, NJ. High School before earning her BFA at DePauw University.

     A year round resident in Maine since 1978, Karen is also a Registered Maine Guide.

Karen is a lifelong artist having first worked as a package desiger for Hallmark Cards, a job offered to her straight out of college. This experience groomed her for work in NYCity design studios and launched her into a successful career as a graphic designer eventually working her way up to the position of art director while still in her 20s. She also had worked briefly in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and relished being able to explore behind the scenes which forever inspired her to make fine art whenever possible. Following her career in New York City, Karen moved to Dorset, England and after about 3 years living there, illustrating a Dover edition of Alpine Wildflowers, Karen moved to Maine in 1978 where she continued illustrating while briefly being editor of The Wiscasset Newspaper. In 1978 she set up her own successful graphic design business in Augusta, eventually to move to Lubec in 2007 to establish a new home by the sea. She farms and grows flowers and vegetables with Bob, a treasured companion. Her creative output takes many forms and most of her most meaningful work is being created in these her mature years.  A lover of jazz, she likes to quote Miles Davis: "Sometimes you have to play a long time before you can play like yourself."


FELTED WOOL was an interest that attracted Karen first in 2006. She worked at the process obsessively and began to show felted wool wall hangings, including "Whale" and "Two Harbor Seals" in 2010 at the University of Maine's Atrium Gallery. Since then, she has pushed the limits of this craft to create works of fine art which often appear to be paintings or watercolors! A visitor to the gallery felt compelled to say: "Her work should be included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art."


 Karen is one of the most private creative artists in Maine. She prefers simply to work rather than seek public notice. We are fortunate to be able to show some of her many different kinds of works that she has been creating over a lifetime as an artist, in this, her chosen home town...Lubec, Maine. 



Enjoy art!

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