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              Felted Wool & Silk Wall Hangings

These exquisite examples of hand dyed wools and silks transformed through the labor intensive wet felting process by Maine artist Karen Anne Baldauski. Only some are available for purchase.

A small selection of her works will be shown in the ARTWORKSOFMAINE summertime gallery/bookshop.



Fox Running Through Birches, 37" x 60", 2016,
Harvesting Periwinkles ("Wrinkling"), Lubec, Maine, 38" x 25", 2016


Karen Anne Baldauski 

An artist & painter, Karen blended fine art with a professional career in graphic design that took her from

Kansas City, MO to New York City to England,

and finally to Maine.

Born in Wyoming, PA, she grew up in Norwich, NY,

and graduated from Glen Ridge, NJ High School

before earning her BFA at DePauw University.

     A year round resident in Maine since 1978,

Karen is also a Registered Maine Guide.

Karen has survived an an artist having worked as a package desiger for Hallmark Cards, a job offered to her straight out of college. This experience groomed her for work in NYCity design studios, eventually working her way up to the position of art director while still young. A short stint in the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened her eyes to a spectacular world of priceless artworks, which she worked around and which forever inspired her to always work in creative ways, trying new forms of self expression in primarily a 2 dimensional format. After about 3 years living in England, Karen Moved to Maine in 1978 and, after a short stint as editor of The Wiscasset Newspaper, she set up her own graphic design business in Augusta, eventually to move o Lubec in 2007 for a change of scenery, to establish a home by the sea. 



     Karen first began to show felted wool wall hangings, including "Whale" and "Two Harbor Seals" in 2010 at the University of Maine's Atrium Gallery. She began to take an interest in felted wool in 2006 and has pushed the limits of this craft to create works of fine art...which a visitor to the gallery was compelled to say to her: "This work should be included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art."

Ahhhhhh....the neverending pursuit to be creative and explore ways of self-expression without the need to  become well known.  Karen is one of the most privately creative artists in Maine and becoming even more invisible as it seems her most beautiful works are just beginning to come out of nowhere and being created with the purest of intents...the primal need for self-expression of the deepest feelings.




Enjoy art!


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